Biannual Flight Review from $180/including aircraft
      Instrument proficency rides
      High performance and Comlex endorsements

Sport Pilot

Ercoupe 415-C.
35 hours average before checkride.

Private Pilot

Cessna 152 or your Aircraft.

55 hours average before checkride.

national average 72 hours for pilot’s license.

 Instrument Rating 

45 hours of dual instruction in a Cessna 152 and 10 hours of ground instruction average before checkride.

Commercial Manuevers 

Commercial maneuvers and flight training in aircraft normally require 10 hours dual. This includes both High Performance and Complex endorsments.

Commercial Pilot

Requires 250 hours flight time, your prior experience and skill level determines what  we will have to do.

Cessna 152 and Navion L17A