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Flight Training in Fairbanks Alaska

Based on the East Ramp of Fairbanks International Airport, Kirst Aviation strives to provide an affordable, quality flight training experience. Personalized instruction is our specialty, and our instructor has over 17 years of teaching experience. Additionally, our planes are some of the only aircraft available for rental in the Fairbanks area. Fly classics such as the Ercoupe and Navion L17A to the modern Cessna 152 equipped with Garmin 430W. Kirst Aviations instructor has had bilingual, and English as a second language training. Foreign students welcome! Whether you live in Fairbanks and want to pursue your pilot’s license, or are a visiting pilot and would like to fly over the area, we hope you will consider Kirst Aviation for your Aircraft Rental and Instruction needs! Take an Introductory Discovery Flight today.


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While the FAA has many good people and departments. They also have Motzco, Sipperley and Tupper types who think nothing of providing false and misleading testimony or sworn affidavits to cause you problems. The FAA, NTSB and other government agencies seem to support this behavior, Hence they are not your friend.

You can look on  for examples of the above people's behavior. Just enter their names. Quora is a site for factual information on a variety of subjects including the FAA, NTSB, Aviation and a multitude of other subjects..

Anytime you talk with the FAA or NTSB you should record the conversation for future reference. Always check the source material or agency of their information for accuracy. They may have quoted the wrong rule or regulation or even twisted it to mean something completely different than what is written.


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Forest Kirst CFII

8 George Morse FAST Report F7821.pdf

Morse Affidavit.pdf

Some FAA opinion letters

muldowney - 2011 legal interpretation.pdfMorse Affidavit.pdf

muldowney - 2011 legal interpretation.pdf

adsb-atc - 2010 legal interpretation.pdf

benninger - 2010 legal interpretation.pdf

bonilla - 2011 legal interpretation.pdf

busch - 2006 legal interpretation.pdf

cebula-aopa - 2006 legal interpretation.pdf

clark - 1991 legal interpretation.pdf

dickstein - 2009 legal interpretation.pdf

forshey - 2010 legal interpretation.pdf

These are just a few of the FAA legal Opinion letters that FAA has issued.

Kirst Aviation  provides specialzed services to the Universities and science community.  Flying with LiDAR, FLIR, Digital, SAR, Hyperspectral and multispectral cameras as well isotopes measuring equipment, carbon flux and methane sensors for customers we are your  science connections for Arctic work. Our aircraft can be modified to meet your needs.


Charters to/from Fairbanks to Galbraith Airport only 10 miles from Toolik field station allow you to see and photograph your worksites and Alaska from the air.