Flight Instruction

Learn to fly in Alaska where you can experience more flight environments than in any other state. As well as changing topography and seasons, we also have actual soft and short field runways for learning on.

Based at Fairbanks International Airport, you will become comfortable flying in controlled airspace. Airports located in class D, E and G airspace as well as a TRSA service provide a complete training environment. Class G airspace is only minutes away allowing for some of the most unique float flying in the USA.

Light Sport training in an Ercoupe 415C

Private Pilot lessons in a Cessna 152 or Ercoupe 415.

Instrument training in a Cessna 152.

Earn both your high performance and complex ratings together in our classic Navion L-17A FAA certified as an 135 Air Carrier it is ideal for earning your Commercial pilot Rating..

Commercial training in a Navion L-17A and  Cessna 152. The Navion is an Air Carrier part 135 Certified aircraft. This means you are training in a currently operating commercial aircraft with an Air Carrier Pilot.

Professional flight training provided by Forest Kirst CFII, A&P,IA, B.Ed., M.S., M.M..

In addition to being a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument, I have a background in public and private education, having taught grades 7-12 and college level.  As a professional educator I am trained to understand individuals' different learning styles and work with each student in a manner suited to their needs.  My students are treated in a courteous and professional manner. I have taught pilots from as far as Columbia and Japan. 

Previously I was Chief Pilot for LiDARUS where I performed low-level terrain following mapping missions.  I provide commercial services  (both low and medium level mapping, air sampling )and operate an air-taxi in Alaska. By continually working in the commercial aspects of aviation I am able to provide my students with high quality instruction in excellently maintained aircraft that I OWN. I wont tolerate problem radios or aircraft.

 I have combined my two careers, flying and instructing, as a Professional Flight Instructor. The benefits to my students are that I want to be in the right seat and enjoy passing on the joy of flying. I understand the highs and lows of learning a new skill and art form, and will work with you to see your goals fulfilled. My business is flying for my company and my students.